Council lecture

Texas Completes is committed to student success and completion. At times, policy changes may be necessary in order to make systemic change. For this reason, Texas Completes works in partnership with the Texas Student Success Council.

About the Texas Student Success Council
The Texas Student Success Council brings together diverse stakeholders to advance and advocate policy that promotes increased postsecondary student success that prepares them to compete in the 21st Century economy. The Council is comprised of state and field stakeholders representing education (K-16), business, non-profits and philanthropy, and is fortunate to have the Chairs of the House and Senate Higher Education Committees, the Commissioner of Higher Education, and the Chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission serving as Ex-Officio members. Convened by by Educate Texas and chaired by Dr. William Serrata (President of El Paso Community College), the Council serves to cultivate a receptive environment for reform and create momentum for scale.

In order to increase postsecondary student success, the Council focuses on policies that create smooth, streamlined pathways into, through, and among our institutions of higher education, through the following means:

1. Improved Education and Workforce Alignment
2. Portability of Credits and Credentials
3. Improved K-12 and Postsecondary Linkages, and
4. Promotion of New Educational Models

Through working closely and collaboratively with stakeholders, the Council has contributed to the dialogue surrounding these crucial issues for Texas students and institutions, and is positively affecting student success. It has been highlighted by Jobs for the Future as a national best practice for this work.


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